As people, our lifestyle goes a long way to define who we are as individuals. Our habits, daily routines, hobbies, passions and experiences tell the world so much about us.

Our lifestyle gives us identity.

Aria Care Home LifestyleBecause of this, we value our resident’s unique lifestyles and make them a part of our daily life at Aria Care Home. It’s essential that we incorporate our residents’ routines, habits and passions into our home, and not present them with a new way of life. We want them to feel at home – that’s why their way is the only way.

We learn who each resident is, and what their typical day at home looked like throughout their lives. We learn what time they’d like their morning cup of coffee, whether they had a morning paper, if they had a mid-morning stroll, what activities they routinely enjoyed, among every other detail so that our care home can truly feel like their home.

We believe that with this approach to lifestyle we assist the resident in settling into their new surroundings with a familiar way of life, and with their happiness at the heart of their care, they will be a much more active member of our community.

Now that you know who we are, have a look at where we live.



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