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If you have a loved one living with Dementia, you’ll wish for them to remain at home for as long as practically possible.

However it’s always wise to plan for the future. There may come a time when you as a family are unable to provide the level of care yourselves that a loved one may require, or home care options may no longer be as safe as they once were.

That’s why we’d be more than happy for you and your family to visit Aria and get a feel of the home. We would welcome your loved one to join us for a cuppa one afternoon and enjoy the company of our wonderful residents, as our guest.

Whether you have no immediate plans to actively look for a Care Home, or if you’re hesitant about a move and want to simply get a feel for what life is like living in a Care Home, we would love the opportunity to help you become familiar with what you and your loved one should expect.

If you’d like to visit the home for an informal chat with us about your future needs, or would like your loved one to spend a couple of hours with us as our guest then send us an email or give us a call to arrange a suitable time.

We look forward to meeting you

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